Posted by: Brian | March 29, 2008

Jamaican Jerk Burgers

I had the opportunity to visit Jamaica for a destination wedding (congratulations, T and C!), and stayed at Sandals in Negril, one of those all-inclusive resorts. Of the six “gourmet” restaurants, one of the best was the Sandals Cafe, a beachside grill serving up munchies-relieving treats all through the night, and most of the day.

One of the tasty treats there was a Jamaican jerk burger, grilled to order right there on the beach. I’d love to be able to tell you that it was a fresh hand-press patty with homemade jerk spices built into it, but that would be, well, lying. The fact is that it was a pre-made frozen patty thrown on the grill.

That said, it wasn’t bad. Leave off the “American” cheese and don’t bother with the bun — which means you should simply order two patties — and you’re in for an easy-to-eat treat. Just the right amount of flavoring, not too spicy, although maybe a bit too industrial.


Speaking of industrial, I spoke to one of the chefs there to find out the secret to the real jerk recipes they have, and she showed me the one-gallon tub of jerk sauce they buy to coat of everything from chicken to pork to burger patties (if you ask nicely).¬† Haven’t been able to source it yet (assuming no one needs it by the gallon), but when I do I’ll let you know.

Burger Daddy 

Posted by: Brian | March 29, 2008

Welcome to Burger Daddy

Burger lovers, unite!

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