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Where have you found the best burgers? Post your favorites, and help your fellow burger lovers find their passion, wherever they go!

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  1. There is a little city in the northern tundra state of Minnesota called Minneapolis. It is a city of falling bridges and a few really good hamburgers. One of my favorites is the Jucy Lucy at Matt’s bar on Cedar Avenue. Matt’s is an old neighborhood bar that has a line of people out the door by 11:30 most days. People come from all over the Twin Cities to eat a made to order hot dripping Jucy. The burgers are served in paper baskets without any silverware. They don’t do dishes at Matt’s.

    Order yours with fries (also great) because you need to eat about half your fries while the Jucy cools – otherwise it’s a trip to the ER for a new tongue. Make sure you lean into your food because it gushes melted cheese with every bite.

    Willard Pitmo

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