Posted by: Brian | May 12, 2008

Cat-Sized Goats

There I am getting ready to face the day, listening to the radio and not really paying close attention, when I hear the news about a cat-sized goat that had gone missing. Huh? That’s odd. And there are all these people looking for this goat, and they’ve got search-and-rescue teams and helicopters and what in the world has happened to us that we need to send the cavalry out to find one smallish goat?

Until the announcer repeated his earlier comment and I realized that we were not looking for a tiny farm animal, but a CAPSIZED BOAT.

In honor of my bad morning, I give to you the original cheezborger, The Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago, made famous by the late John Belushi on Saturday Night Live. Tucked beneath the noisy streets of Chicago is an even noisier bar, now smokeless under new Illinois law, but still without fries and Coke (but instead with chips and Pepsi). Enjoy.

Burger Daddy

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