Posted by: Brian | May 6, 2008

Credit for Trying

Just got back from a burger-eating contest at CJ’s Pub in South Bend, Indiana, where I got to meet future Hall of Famer Chris Zorich. A great guy and good sport who only put away four burgers — mini burgers, I might add — in the alloted three minutes.

Football wasn’t the proving ground for the best burger belly, apparently, as a volleyball coach, Jim Seitz, and un-sports-affiliated Brynne Kolbe gnawed six burgers to tie. Seitz won the overtime eat-off to claim the top prize.

But perhaps the best sport of the night was Angelo Di Carlo of Newscenter 16, who managed to eat an entire one-and-a-half mini burgers. Said Angelo following her achievement, “I thought the winner would be the person who enjoyed eating the burgers the most.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Angelo.

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