Posted by: Brian | May 1, 2008

Raising up the Hamburger

Yes, folks, after 11 months of waiting patiently, pacing hungrily and preparing feverishly, at long last our time has come. It’s NATIONAL HAMBURGER MONTH!

As declared by Farm Progress magazine, May is National Hamburger Month. According to the publication (and I personally think these numbers are a tad conservative), Americans ate 11.9 billion (yes, billion with a b) burgers in 2007. Two out of five of us at a hamburger at least once a week, and 85 percent had at least one burger monthly.

(No question that burgers are the most popular way to eat beef, which is probably why the folks at Farm Progress are so nice to us.)

So, burger buddies, we’re going to have a month full of special burger recipes, reviews, news and tips. Um, well, hang on a minute. Oh, wait, I forgot. We do that every month! Because WE LOVE BURGERS.

Okay, back to you folks. How are you planning to celebrate National Burger Month? Let’s hear from you.

Burger Daddy

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