Posted by: Brian | April 27, 2008

The Politics of Burgers

As terrific as they are, it isn’t every day that hamburgers become elevated to the global political stage. You have your mayors who’ll make mention of a favorite burger joint, or maybe some political figure, even a presidential candidate, will chow down on a burger on the campaign trail.

But when the president of the United States of America starts talking burgers, well, you’re in the big leagues. Although some might say he was merely name-dropping to put out a political fire.

In his visit to Washington, D.C., British Prime Minister Gordon Brown took time to meet with John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama before eventually working his way over to the White House to see W. Did that mean, though, that the two world leaders don’t get along as well as they should?

“If it wasn’t a personal relationship, I wouldn’t be inviting the man to a nice hamburger or something,” Bush said. “Well-done, I might add.

I suppose the menu for the meeting would make it obvious to most people, but apparently some needed to have it spelled out for them.  Got it?

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