Posted by: Brian | April 27, 2008

The Five Most Decadent Burgers (says Esquire)

Try as I might to keep up with the stacks of magazines and newspapers in my place, I always find myself behind. Which is why, after finally catching up on the burger trades and turning my attention to other almost-as-noteworthy publications, I found a list in the May 2007 (seriously, I’m way behind) Esquire:

The Five Most Decadent Burgers in the United States of America.

I have to admit their list looks pretty good, both from the perspective of the best burger experiences money can buy, and from the perspective of over-the-topness.

– Cheese-encrusted patty at Shady Glen Dairy Stores in Manchester, Conn.
– The gourmet sirloin burger at DB Bistro Moderne in New York.
– The 11-pound monstrosity offered up at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Penn.
– The Krispy Kreme burger at the Gateway Grizzlies ballpark outside St. Louis.
– The deep-fried burger at Dyers Burgers in Memphis.

I can’t help but notice that all five of these are east of the Mississippi (yes, the Krispy Kreme burger is actually served in Illinois). What gives? I know there are both terrific and terrifically horrible burgers to be found in the west.

Agree? Disagree? Have a better nomination? Let’s hear from you. That’s why we have a forum, people.

Click here to open a new window to the forum and let us all know what you know about burgers.

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