Posted by: Brian | April 7, 2008

The Forum is Up and Running!

It took a while to work through all this technical guck, but we’ve finally got the Burger Daddy Forum up and running. This is in response to many fans, old and new, for a way to share your burger recommendations (and stay-away-froms).

Click here to open a new window to the forum. 

Just as we’ve done with the newsletter, we have a very simple rule for post: Be Nice. You might not like a burger along the way — tell us why. You might disagree with someone’s post — feel free to post your comment. But let’s be adult about it and leave the unpleasantness someplace else.

I’m going to start populating the Forum with some old newsletter material, but I know it won’t take long to get a lot of current material in there.

Burger Lovers Unite!


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