Posted by: Brian | March 29, 2008

Welcome to Burger Daddy

Burger lovers, unite!

If you love burgers — I mean, if you really love burgers — where can you turn? There are lots of places in this wide world of web that you can find some information about burgers, here and there and everywhere. But what if you want just burgers?

Now, burger lovers can get all burgers, all the time, at Burger Daddy.

My name is Larry, and I’m your host here at You’ll see my posts on a regular basis as I help my fellow burger lovers navigate the fabulous world of hamburgers. I’ll give you reviews of the best (and worst) burger joints, the latest burger news, the greatest recipes, and the tips you need to keep a steady stream of burgers in your life. Basically, the best burger blog in the business!

Stay tuned for more. Come back often, sign up for email alerts and RSS feeds, share your comments and most of all, keep enjoying burgers.

Burger Daddy


  1. I know this is terribly unpatriotic, but I’ve never been a big fan of burgers. Even as a child, I begged for a salad instead of a Happy Meal. I’m counting on your forum to broaden my horizons.

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