Posted by: Brian | March 29, 2008

Jamaican Jerk Burgers

I had the opportunity to visit Jamaica for a destination wedding (congratulations, T and C!), and stayed at Sandals in Negril, one of those all-inclusive resorts. Of the six “gourmet” restaurants, one of the best was the Sandals Cafe, a beachside grill serving up munchies-relieving treats all through the night, and most of the day.

One of the tasty treats there was a Jamaican jerk burger, grilled to order right there on the beach. I’d love to be able to tell you that it was a fresh hand-press patty with homemade jerk spices built into it, but that would be, well, lying. The fact is that it was a pre-made frozen patty thrown on the grill.

That said, it wasn’t bad. Leave off the “American” cheese and don’t bother with the bun — which means you should simply order two patties — and you’re in for an easy-to-eat treat. Just the right amount of flavoring, not too spicy, although maybe a bit too industrial.


Speaking of industrial, I spoke to one of the chefs there to find out the secret to the real jerk recipes they have, and she showed me the one-gallon tub of jerk sauce they buy to coat of everything from chicken to pork to burger patties (if you ask nicely).  Haven’t been able to source it yet (assuming no one needs it by the gallon), but when I do I’ll let you know.

Burger Daddy 


  1. whats the name of the jerk sauce. i just got back from sandals negril and they told me they made it there. im thinking of opening a jerk rest in my town.

  2. Have you ever been able to find out anymore info on the seasoning? I would even buy it by the gallon!

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